Jeeway Abdullah Shah Ghazi
Image source: AFP

Jeeway Abdullah Shah Ghazi

Its sad to see the place where I have spent so many evenings contemplating the meaning of life now covered in blood and body parts.

Anyways, some sound bites of people I spoke to at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi sufi shrine after the suicide blasts there a couple hours ago (some in English, some Urdu).

Eyewitness 1 (Urdu):


Eyewitness 2 (Urdu). He didn’t see the blast himself, but arrived soon after:


Zulfiqar Mirza, Sindh Interior Minister (English)


Ahsan Iqbal Zaidi, Sindh Secretary for Auqaf & Zakat (English):


And here is a video (don’t worry, there’s no blood or anything in this):