Badar Alam on Imran Khan & the PTI

Badar Alam on Imran Khan & the PTI

One of the great things about being a journalist is being able to just sit and talk with intelligent and interesting people. Unfortunately, only a few sound bites of each long interview makes it into any published story, and some of the most interesting stuff gets left out. This is mostly because of time restrictions, but also because some stuff may not be directly relevant to the story, or because Western audiences may not be able to make sense of it without understanding all of the Pakistani context.

So I’d like to make it a regular habit from now on to post some longer clips of my interviews here on my blog, which don’t make it in to published stories.

I’m going to start with bits from an interview I did last week with Badar Alam, editor of Dawn’s Herald magazine. The interview was for a radio story that I did for PRI’s The World titled “The Growing Clout of Pakistani Sports-Star Turned Politician Imran Khan”. As you can tell, Alam is quite critical of Khan and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

On the difference between Imran Khan’s political support base and that of Pakistan’s traditional parties:

On Imran Khan’s constantly changing ideology:

On Imran Khan’s foreign policy: